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Strengthening Polish-American Relations: Recap of Consul General of Poland's Visit to Cleveland

Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Adrian Kubicki Visits Cleveland

On Saturday, December 2, 2023, the Polish Cultural Center in Cleveland Ohio was honored to host a visit from the Consul General of the Republic of Poland. The Consul General, accompanied by Vice-Consul, Stanislaw Tarnawski from the Consulate, met with members of Polish organizations from the greater Cleveland area.

The meeting was a productive and informal opportunity for the Consul General to connect with members of the local Polish community and hear about their concerns and interests. Among the topics discussed was a proposal to move the State of Ohio under the Chicago Polish Consulate district in the future. Most people expressed support for this idea, as it would make it easier for Polish citizens in Ohio to access consular services.

The Consul General also indicated that the Polish Consulate might be able to support various initiatives by Polonia that promote Polish organizations and events that promote Polish culture and heritage. He expressed appreciation for the organizing of a polling place for the Polish general election that took place on October 15, 2023, at the John Paul II Polish-American Cultural Center. He also mentioned that the cooperation between the Polish Consulate and Cleveland Polonia was great.

The visit of the Consul General was a valuable opportunity for the Polish community in Cleveland to connect with its homeland. The Consul General's willingness to listen to the concerns of the community and to consider its needs is a testament to the strong relationship between the United States and Poland.


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