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Andrzejki Celebration in Cleveland: A New Polish Tradition Takes Root in America

On a crisp autumn evening, Cleveland transformed into a hub of Polish tradition and merriment as the city hosted its first-ever Andrzejki celebration GALLERY OF PICTURES. The Tremont City Side Ballroom hummed with excitement as guests of all ages gathered to experience the enchanting world of fortune-telling, divination, and cultural immersion.

Andrzejki, a Polish custom celebrated on the night of November 29th to 30th, marks a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is said to be at its thinnest, offering a glimpse into the future. In the spirit of this enchanting tradition, the Cleveland celebration transported guests to the heart of Poland, weaving together traditional customs, delectable cuisine, and lively entertainment.

Organized by the Polish American Congress - Ohio Division and Tremont City Side Ballroom, the event brought together the Cleveland community to experience the rich cultural heritage of Poland. Guests eagerly participated in wax casting, shoe racing, and apple peeling, all methods offering a unique glimpse into the secrets of their future. Wax was melted and poured through a keyhole, creating intricate shapes that were then interpreted to reveal the fortune-teller's destiny. Shoes were lined up and raced towards a finish line, with the owner of the first shoe to cross being prophesied to marry soon. And for those seeking a more personal connection, apple peels were tossed over shoulders, their shapes revealing the first letter of their future spouse's name.

As the evening unfolded, guests savored the flavors of Polish cuisine, prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The entrée options included:

Stuffed Cabbage,

Kielbasa and Sauerkraut,

Schabowy (Pork Schnitzel) with Lane Kluski (Spätzle),

Mashed Potatoes,

Cucumber Salad.

For those seeking additional culinary delights, PIEROGI (Potato and Cheese or Sauerkraut) were available for $5.00 for three, while NUT ROLL, POPPYSEED ROLL, and APPLE STRUDEL could be enjoyed for $3.50 per slice.

And for those who wanted to take a taste of Poland home with them, PIEROGI (Potato and Cheese or Sauerkraut) were available for $10.00 per dozen, while NUT ROLL, POPPYSEED ROLL, and APPLE STRUDEL could be purchased for $15.00 each.

Amidst the enchanting festivities of Cleveland's first-ever Andrzejki celebration, a touch of Polish authenticity was brought to the event by Kraków Deli Polish Grocery Store from Parma, Ohio. Their presence added a delightful dimension to the celebration, offering a taste of Poland's culinary treasures and festive spirit.

Krakow Deli delighted guests with a selection of Made in Poland chocolate-covered waffles by Wedel, a renowned Polish confectioner. These delectable treats, with their crisp wafers and rich chocolate coating, provided a sweet indulgence that perfectly complemented the evening's festivities.

The store also showcased an array of Barylki (Happy Barrels), a traditional Polish chocolate "Barrels" filled with a variety flavors of liquor.

To further enhance the festive atmosphere, Krakow Deli displayed a selection of Christmas ornaments, tees, and festive Christmas-themed tablecloths. These items provided guests with the opportunity to bring the spirit of Christmas and the magic of Poland into their homes.

Krakow Deli's participation in the Andrzejki celebration not only added a touch of authenticity but also served as a reminder of the strong Polish heritage that exists in Cleveland. Their presence enriched the event, creating a more immersive and memorable experience for all who participated.

The vibrant rhythms and infectious energy of North Coast Mix's music kept guests engaged and entertained throughout the event. Their performance not only provided a delightful auditory experience but also served as a celebration of Polish culture and heritage, adding to the overall magic of the Andrzejki celebration. Conversations flowed in Polish and English, bridging cultural divides and fostering a sense of community. The ballroom transformed into a melting pot of traditions, where the old and the new intertwined, creating a unique and memorable experience.

As the night drew to a close, guests departed with hearts filled with the magic of Andrzejki, their spirits lifted by the spirit of Polish tradition. The Cleveland celebration proved to be an great success, introducing the city to the enchanting world of Andrzejki and leaving an indelible mark on all who participated. The organizers, the Polish American Congress - Ohio Division and Tremont City Side Ballroom, deserve special recognition for their efforts in bringing this captivating event to Cleveland, complete with a delightful culinary journey through Polish flavors.

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