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Highlights from the Cleveland Nationalities Movement Christmas Banquet and Freedom Awards Night.

Last Saturday, December 9th, 2023, the American Nationalities Movement (ANM) hosted their annual program and Christmas party at the Holy Spirit Party Center in Parma, Ohio. The event served as a joyous celebration of unity and freedom, bringing together diverse ethnic groups from across the United States.

The ANM, formed with the noble goal of uniting and representing the interests of all ethnic groups in the country, played host to a memorable evening. Guests enjoyed a delicious meal, festive entertainment, and the opportunity to connect with fellow members of the community.

Judge Ralph Perk Jr., the current president of the ANM and son of the late Mayor Ralph Perk (the organization's first president), presided over the festivities. A special highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Freedom Award, bestowed upon three distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions to the cause of freedom and unity:

  • Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio: A prominent leader in the Catholic Church, Archbishop Broglio has dedicated his life to serving the faithful and promoting interfaith dialogue.

  • Jim Trakas: A passionate advocate for human rights and democracy, Mr. Trakas has played a pivotal role in supporting freedom movements worldwide and championing the cause of oppressed peoples.

  • Ohio State Senator Matt Dolan: A champion of diversity and inclusion, Senator Dolan has consistently demonstrated his commitment to upholding the values of equality and justice for all.

The presentation of the Freedom Awards served as a powerful reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating individuals who have devoted themselves to the betterment of our society. Their dedication to freedom and unity serves as an inspiration to us all.

The ANM's Annual Program and Christmas Party was a resounding success, solidifying the organization's role as a vital force in promoting cultural understanding and fostering a sense of belonging for all. As we move forward, let us carry the spirit of this event with us, striving to build a more united and inclusive America for all.


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