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"Piast" showcasing Polish Folklore

The PIAST Polish Folk Song and Dance Ensemble brought a taste of Poland to Cleveland's October Fest 2023 with two performances on Sunday, September 3rd at 1pm and again at 3pm at Cuyahoga Fairgrounds in Berea, Ohio.

The ensemble delighted the audience with traditional Polish dances such as the "Kurpie" and the "Old Warsaw Polka." They also performed two songs, sung by two soloists.

During the intermission, Piast's director-choreographer Agnieszka Kotlarsik invited children to try a few Polish Folklore dance moves.

Despite the hot weather, the audience enjoyed the show, clapping and cheering along to the music. The dancers' energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and everyone left the performance feeling happy and uplifted.

The PIAST Polish Folk Song and Dance Ensemble is a treasure trove of Polish culture. Their performances are a great way to learn about Polish history and traditions and will surely entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

If you can see the PIAST Polish Folk Song and Dance Ensemble perform, I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed. In the meantime, you can see pictures in our GALLERY.


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