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The Celebration of Polish Independence Day by Polish School Students and "Piast" in Cleveland.

On November 11, 2023, students from the Henryk Sienkiewicz Polish School and artists from the Piast Polish Song and Dance Ensemble performed a patriotic artistic program at the Polish-American Cultural Center in Cleveland, Ohio, to celebrate the anniversary of Independence of Poland.

The show was a beautiful and moving tribute to Polish culture and history, and it was clear that the students and artists had put a lot of hard work and preparation into it. The program featured a variety of Polish songs and dances, as well as readings of Polish poetry and speeches.

The students from the Henryk Sienkiewicz Polish School were particularly impressive. They performed with confidence and enthusiasm, and it was clear that they were proud of their Polish heritage. The choreographer from Piast, [Choreographer's name], also deserves special praise for her hard work in preparing the students for the show. She created a variety of beautiful and challenging dances, and the students performed them flawlessly.

The work of the school teachers in preparing the kids from the school for the show is also commendable. They instilled in the students a deep appreciation for Polish culture and history, and they helped them to develop the skills and confidence they needed to perform on stage.

The show was a resounding success, and it was enjoyed by everyone in attendance. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Polish Independence Day and to showcase the rich culture and heritage of the Polish people.


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